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Metanalysis studies conclude that working remotely makes you a more productive employee. Nevertheless, you may encounter a steep learning curve as you navigate the transition from an in-office to an at-home or otherwise remote working environment. This PDF is broken into four sections detailing how to maintain and even boost your remote work productivity:

Work-life bleed can be defined as the spillovers in attention and focus resulting from a porous work-life boundary. It is the most-cited factor for preferring a traditional office job over a remote position. The below PDF will help establish a more concrete barrier between your personal life and work obligations:

A wide array of literature concerning best practices for remote work has sprung into the public eye in recent years, especially given the tragedy of the Coronavirus and the strained working adjustments that have ensued. The document below has been honed by my own remote work experiences:

Interested in remote work? Most resources take remote work cons as mere obstacles to overcome. The real picture is thornier, so do your due diligence! See the full decision guide below to help reach an informed conclusion for yourself, your family, and your career:

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My Favorite Remote Work Books

Well-known testimonial from the founders of 37signals. Short, essay-style entries considering all facets of remote work as they relate to their company.

Another CEO endorsement of remote work, this from the founder of BELAY. Nuanced look at his journey into remote work and why “the way we work doesn’t work anymore.”

Co-authored by my colleague Teresa Douglas, Secrets of the Remote Workforce is chock-full of advice for navigating the remote world as an employee.

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